The Maier Museum of Art
at Randolph College

As an Art Major at Randolph, I had many different ideas over the four years for what I wanted my Senior Exhibition to be.  At first I wanted it to be a series of oil paintings focusing on the events prior to and after death.

I had started those paintings and the “plague”, as I like to call it, hit Lynchburg and I was sent back home with the small apartment I had with me on campus. I had to revise my entire art work schedule and found that it was difficult. My ADHD and Depression was the worst it’s ever been in all my four years at Randolph; I couldn’t focus on art. I also did not have the optimal painting conditions to continue oil paintings, as such when the house was getting worked on and we have pets that liked to destroy anything they can get their teeth on. I had to change my exhibit if I wanted this to work out well.

I was looking through previous works and noticed the pile of used sketchbooks from the earlier years. I finally came up with the idea to display the sketchbooks documenting my art journey in college and show some of the finished work that came from said journey.  So here we now have From Concept to Creation. I would also like to thank the Randolph College RISE program for their support of my senior project which helped make this exhibition possible.



Sketchbook Flipthrough Videos

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