The Maier Museum of Art
at Randolph College

“In My Dreams I Am Whole” by Steve Wilson

After Trees by Lake by Allen Tucker

In my dreams I am whole
and ready, heading out – eagerness
in the air itself. Even at stop signs
all motion and movement.

In my dreams a dark green
that is like river, water – it goes,
flows now out toward the hollows
and I go too, I follow, I agree, I do.

In my dreams you and I, out early
in a gray boat – the lake blossoms
broad and silvering, light easing over
the treeline – and the shore, the shore.
There are miles yet to the shore.


Steve Wilson’s poetry has appeared in journals and anthologies nationwide; as well as in five collections, the most recent entitled The Reaches. He teaches at Texas State University, and can be reached at