The Maier Museum of Art
at Randolph College

Program/Event Partnership Policy & Request Form

Please read the policy below carefully before submitting your request.

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General Guidelines

The Maier Museum of Art (“the Maier”) at Randolph College (“the College” or “RC”) is an integral part of the life of the Randolph College and Lynchburg communities. The building it occupies is owned, insured, and maintained by RC.  The Maier director is the chief point of contact for approving any use of the facility for special events or educational and informational programs developed outside the Maier. Persons wishing to schedule a special event or educational program at the Maier must first submit a request form and obtain the approval of the Maier director.

Due to the space constraints of the facility, the small size of the Maier staff, and concerns about the safety of the art housed here, the Maier is not available for private use or rental by groups outside the College community.  However, the Maier is willing to host partnership programs or events, at the discretion of the Maier director. Requested programs or events must meet both of the following two requirements in order to be considered by the Maier director:

  1. Program/event topic or theme must directly relate to the Maier’s mission*, collection of American art, special exhibition(s), and/or educational programming. Programs/events connected with other Randolph College programs/departments will also be considered.
  2. Program/event must appeal to and include the RC community, Maier constituents, and/or the general public. Private events that exclude any or all of these groups will not be considered.

Other considerations:

In keeping with the nature of the art collection housed in the Maier and the standards of professional care advocated by the staff, the safety and security of the art collection and works on view will be considered paramount. Under no circumstances will a program/event at the Maier facility be allowed to endanger the welfare or the integrity of the art collection housed there or artwork included in special exhibitions. 


After obtaining approval from the Maier director, the Maier public engagement coordinator will become the partner organizer’s point of contact (434-947-8136, ext. 4). Approved program/events are held in partnership with the Maier, therefore the Maier will share expenses (see “Fees” section for details), planning, and marketing responsibilities with the partner organizer. 


Catering must be arranged for and provided by the on-campus caterer (Aramark) per Randolph College’s contractual obligation. If alcohol is to be served, Aramark will provide a bartender due to ABC restrictions.

The following catering restrictions must be observed for all events at the Maier:


While there are no fees charged by the Maier for partnership programs/events, partner organizers are responsible for reimbursement of 50% of all expenses incurred by the Maier for the program/event (unless other arrangements are made with the Maier director).

The Maier public engagement coordinator will send an invoice for 50% of the total program/event expenses (record of expenses sent upon request) to the partner organizer within 10 days following the program/event. Reimbursement/payment to the Maier is due within 30 days of the invoice issue date.

Though not required, as the host location, a donation of $15-20/hour for each Maier staff member on duty for the program/event is also appreciated. Event organizers will also be responsible for 50% of any unexpected expenses associated with the program/event, such as additional clean up fees. 


*Mission Statement: The Maier Museum of Art exists to strengthen the academic curriculum and cultural life of Randolph College by encouraging aesthetic enjoyment, cultural understanding, and critical study of the visual arts, especially the Museum’s distinguished collection of American art. The Museum accomplishes its mission in two ways. First, it collects, preserves, researches, exhibits, and interprets works of American art. Second, it presents exhibitions and programs that either enhance its permanent collection or examine other artistic traditions, thereby broadening its educational scope. The Maier serves the Randolph College academic community as its primary audience, but also extends its purview to local, state, and national audiences. By promoting a lifelong appreciation of the visual arts and their varied cultural contexts, the Maier Museum of Art strives to enrich the intellectual and cultural life of the College and the broader community.