The Maier Museum of Art
at Randolph College

112th Annual Exhibition – Back to Front: Artists’ Books by Women

112th Annual Exhibition - Back to Front: Artists' Books by Women

This exhibition was curated by Martha Chiplis in collaboration with artist Lyall Harris and Maier Museum of Art director, Martha Johnson.


Rosaire Appel and Barbara Henry

Alisa Banks

Harriet Bart

Tia Blassingame

Mare Blocker

Inge Bruggeman

Julie Chen

Melissa Jay Craig

Nia Easley

Jen Farrell

Katie Garth and Tracy Honn – Quarantine Public Library

Collette Fu

Lyall Harris

Lyall Harris and Patricia Silva

Lisa Hasegawa

Caren Heft

Myungah Hyon

Diane Jacobs

Ellen Knudson

Aimee Lee

Catherine Alice Michaelis

Suzanne Moore with Jessica Spring

Audrey Niffenegger collaboration with Trisha Hammer and printed by Martha Chiplis

Katherine Ng

Judith Rothchild

Vida Sačić

Linda Samson-Talleur, Cathy Ledeker

Catherine Ruggie Saunders

Mardy Sears

Tennille Davis Shuster

Clarissa Sligh

Jessica Spring

Claire Van Vliet